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Satyamedha Development Foundation

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  • (+91)9123117680 / 9931832747

Mission Vision



Creating equitable society where all persons live with dignity and hold the power to create opportunities for themselves


Promoting holistic development through nurturing local potentials, harnessing individual capacities & facilitating pathways for excellent quality of life



We believe in human dignity and treat people as equals. Organisation taking equity as the guiding principle and reflected in all our programming. It refers to the impartiality and justice in addressing human concerns and targeted actions for disadvantaged sections of the community.


We put our hearts in whatever we do and strive to achieve highest standards in serving humanity. In day-to-day deliberations and little decisions, foundation’s commitment towards excellence is evident. Organisation employ and engage people who have penchant for greatness. It fosters a culture of quality from the groundup within the organisation.


Wecultivate and foster a culture of empathy where we daily look through the lens of others. Organisation believes that making good things happen for other peoplewould certainly make this world a better place. We demonstrate genuine interest, care or concern for othersand these attributes evidences in all our actions, words and deeds.


Organisation believes in the saga of empowerment and provides knowledge,tools and opportunities for growth and development. It also refers to participatory approach and involvement of personnel in decisions of the organisation. It connotes nurturing capacity of individuals and communities to enable them plan and choose their pathway and creatively innovate for the lasting change in their lives and in an organisation.